June 1th

Litters from Nuch Apoletano's Kokkobaiah and AMUCH, SUCH Indian Hills Heir to the Throne




Jugde :Jan Herngren Sweden. 75 Bernese

Cac, CACIB and BOS Apoletano's Uppercut

Handler Silje Karine.


RES.CAC Apoletano's Unsolved Mysteri . no.1 young dog.


Breeder group, prize of honour!



Left side.Apoletano's Uppercut CAC- BOB. Handler Silje Karine.

Jugde: Hans Rosenberg. Sweden

Feb4 .th

Left side: BOB Apoletano's Uppercut .Handler Silje Karine

Jugde: Borghild Moen Norway.

Apoletano's One True Love

KBHV 02-06 Apoletano's Alma Matra

KBHV-02  Apoletano's Alma Matra BOB and 2 BIG in Demark . New titel: KBHV 2006


Apoletano's Yogi's Sister BOB -3 BIG -Apoletano's Yogi BOB.

Puppie Show . 11 BMD. Jugde : Gunnar Jensen Norway.



BOS NUCH Cafridas  Aike -N DKuch Apoletano's Issimiake BOB - CACIB NKK Stavanger sept 10th

Jugde: Astrid Indrebø. Norway

Apoletano's Issimiake CAC -BOS Norwegian and Danich Champion .Sept 9th -

Apoletano's Yogi's Sister

JAVA. Female- Born 21/04-2006

Mother: Apoletano's One True Love /Father: Apoletano's Quik Paco


Number one : Racial Special   NBMDUDivision Østfold

26/08-06: Jugde: Astrid Indrebo Norge.13 puppies

JAVA in her first Dogshow: Java Best in her class and best puppy girl. BOS

Nr 2: NBSK Asker og B ærum 27/08-06 jugde: Lisbeth Ramsing DK. 10 puppies

BOB Apoletano's Yogi's Sister -BOS Apoletano's YOGI.





Litter from Jinka and Tertzo'z Disney



New Champion. Apoletano's Kokkobaiah. September 2004

  Apoletano with Gioina di Bona-Kiwi Kanelly-Kieron and Kvatro


NUCH Apoletano's Kvatro Champion 5 juni-04


Presenting my top dog
Nordic Champion, Nordic winner 02:
Catarina Carera av Hiselfoss -

Most winning female in 2003